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With its accredited test and laboratory facilities, IBL-Lab GmbH, a subsidiary of IB-Lenhardt AG, offers testing services on an international level according to high quality standards in accordance with the IB-Lenhardt guideline “Right at the first go“.

In order to prove that radio products meet the requirements of the EU Radio Equipment Directive RED 2014/53/EU and, in addition, the requirements for approvals in the USA, Canada and Japan, tests are necessary in different areas:

  • electric safety
  • radio
  • electromagnetic tolerance

Thus IBL-Lab GmbH has corresponding modern, highly automated test and laboratory facilities, in which testing services in the abovementioned areas are provided in a technically competent manner according to legal and normative requirements.


Electric Safety IBL-Lab GmbH DAkks Akkreditierung
Radio IBL-Lab GmbH DAkks Akkreditierung
Electromagnetic Compability
IBL-Lab GmbH DAkks Akkreditierung
Telecommunication and EMC (USA / FCC requirements) IBL-Lab GmbH DAkks Akkreditierung
Telecommunication and EMC (Canada / IC requirements) IBL-Lab GmbH DAkks Akkreditierung


The high level of integration of various technologies and ever shorter product cycles require a high degree of flexibility and testing capacity on site. IBL-Lab GmbH is optimally prepared for your demands:

  • Our team of highly qualified and experienced experts provides you with the best possible support at the start of a project in word and deed when preparing your test samples for the test process.
  • Accompany the tests personally on site if desired or use the transparent overview of your projects online in TAMSys. In both ways you are always informed about the current project status.
  • With project initiation, logistics and implementation of a variety of testing services from a single source, we offer you time-saving advantages. Thus the international market access of your products is accelerated tremendously.
  • In addition to mere testing services, we offer consulting, training and regular information events, also at your site.

Benefit from our worldwide network! With us you are always up-to-date and future-proof with your products on the market.

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