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  • GeneralTIRA Academy powered by IB-Lenhardt AG

    Keep it moving & always in pole position

    Our cooperation unites two know-how sectors in a unique manner, is setting international standards and redefines knowledge management. For you, for us, for maximum performance – always one step ahead.

    We firmly believe: Knowledge is increasing by sharing it. With this in mind, we’ve created our Academy together with IB-Lenhardt AG – to share and create knowledge.

    The expertise in the fields of International Type Approval, Global Market Access Solutions as well as measuring and testing systems, opens up new perspectives and creates possibilities on your road to success in environmental testing.

    Our varied training selections put you in focus, ranging from basics to the most complex special cases. Our promise to you is to offer hands-on seminars, and custom-made solutions, adapted to every level of experience.

    Amaze yourself and visit us:

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