Worldwide Homologation
Type Approval Specialists
Click here to check our Live Map for the global COVID-19 impact on authorities and type approval processes. IB-Lenhardt AG is fully operational and available for you.


IB-Lenhardt AG

Headquarters Germany

Heinrich-Hertz-Allee 7
66386 St. Ingbert

+49 6894 38938-0
+49 6894 38938-99

Mo – Fr
08:00 – 17:30 CEST (UTC+2)

IB-Lenhardt K.K.

Tokyo Office

1-2-9 Nishi Shimbashi Minato-ku
Hibiya Central Building, Level 14
Tokyo 105-0003

+81 3 4571 1805

IB-Lenhardt Inc.

San Francisco Office

101 California Street
Suite 2710
San Francisco, CA 94111

+1 650-360-548-0

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