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Construction, Analysis und Production of Vibration Testing Apparatus

Make use of our expertise!

Many years of experience in vibration testing give us the skills needed for the construction of suitable vibration test devices. We prepare your product with great care for the vibration profile and fit the fixture according to your requirements. Using CAD and the combined knowledge of you as our customer and our own experience, we will build the optimal test device.

FEM calculations help us to check the vibration characteristics beforehand. Of course, we are also happy to build the test device for you.

Design Experience

We offer comprehensive design know-how in the following fields:

  • Electromobility
  • Medicine
  • Laboratories
  • Aviation
  • Shipbuilding
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Industrial equipment

Besides offering you wide-ranging FEM analysis skills, we boast another solid advantage:

Scientific Background

The cooperation with Prof. Dr.-Ing. Michael Sauer enables us to forge cutting-edge research and technology directly into practical applications. 3D CAD datasets play a key role in environmental testing, especially for mechanical test sequences.

The better your prototype's integration of the specific mechanical requirements of a test sequence with the test environment, the smoother the run of the tests. Interfering confounders can already be detected and minimized during preliminary planning. That's why we create our test concepts with an exact preview of the planned chain of tests and their interfaces in mind. By constructing an interface with the vibration fixture, we create the most powerful of all aids. During mechanical vibration via shaker, the fixture is responsible to keep the DUT (Device Under Test) safely in position, without however inducing its own interferences like resonances, kinetic movements or mechanical overstrain. Doing so will keep negative transmission functions (interferences and influences which you absolutely don't wish to see) away from your product sample.

Our daily experience in a testing environment guarantees you access to well-founded knowledge. And since you don't need to repeat the mistakes which others have done before, you will save both time and money by drastically reducing experienced sources of hazard.

Material Science

Besides our core competency—testing—by means of year-long experience in mechanical engineering, we regularly make use of special materials for our customers. Use our knowledge and expertise, and build your products with even more quality, endurance and sustainability.

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